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Luke Skywalker story arc

The Last Jedi: Did Disney Break Luke? (Pt. 1)

WARNING: Divisive opinions ahead. This is the most we’ve ever fought.

Braedon, Cody, and Ian agree The Last Jedi was a great addition to the Star Wars Franchise.

But Patrick said, “That was the worst Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen.”

AngerStarWars last jedi story analysis

Our discussion was so passionate, we had to cut this episode into two. We fought valiantly over these questions:

  • What did The Last Jedi do well?
  • What went (horribly, in Patrick’s opinion) wrong?
  • And most of all… Did they break Luke Skywalker’s Character?

True Star Wars fans – and Star Wars haters – will find something to love in this 2-part episode.

Listen, and let us know:

Did The Last Jedi ruin the Star Wars franchise… or was it actually a really good movie?

What We Mentioned:

Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi had too many characters (Writing Tip)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi features a sweet homage to Gary

Gary Fisher’s Twitter Feed

blade runner 2049 story analysis

Does Blade Runner 2049 Deserve Love?

Box Office Bomb? Long ago, a film came out that changed the way we thought about the future.

What happened 40 years later?

Blade Runner 2049 seeks to build upon the most powerful questions of the original Blade Runner.

  • Why did it fail to break out at the Box Office?
  • Does 2049 deserve the love earned by the original?
  • Did the story lose control… or did everyone “miss the point?”

This week, Cody, Ian, and Patrick get out their synthesizers, put on their trench coats, and delve into the lonely, desolate, and gorgeous world of Blade Runner 2049.

What We Mentioned:

Ryan Gosling’s Trench Coat 

On the Edge of Blade Runner – Full Documentary

Theme Music is “kick, push” from Ryan Little. Check out his SoundCloud. Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.


black panther wakanda story discussion

Black Panther: Did Wakanda Earn a Sequel?

Cody and Patrick are NOT qualified to talk about Black Panther…

So, they invited a guest – Rebecca Spencer, fellow Marvel-fan and Movie buff – to talk about what may be the greatest movie in the Marvel franchise…

  • Will Black Panther get a sequel?
  • Who are the best (and the worst) characters?
  • How did Black Panther rise up from obscurity and become one of the highest-grossing MCU movies?

Let’s find out, in this first episode of No, No, Go.

Black Panther M'Baku
Mmm’Baku, amirite?

What We Mentioned:

Black Panther Vol. 1

We Were Eight Years in Power

TEASER: No No Go’s Story Roundtable

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Theme Music is “kick, push” from Ryan Little. Check out his SoundCloud. Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.